Hiring a Consultant

I am working on a project where I need to dynamically load data from another form or the database.

We have companies sign up for a program we offer, during the sign up they provide a logo and fill out about 3 other fields on a gravity form.

Once signed up, they can send customers to our site where we have several forms the customer can fill out. We want the form to dynamically load with a specific company’s logo, and those 3 other fields that was on the original company’s program sign up form.

I need to hire someone to consult on our project. I just need to ask questions and need someone more experienced than I am. I would like to do it via Zoom so I can walk through what has been done so far and what we are trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance!

Hello karen,

I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at garry@cisinlabs.com or Skype me: cis.garry

Looking forward for your response.




I am interested,

Please reach me at seth.c@talentsfromindia.com


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