Allow users to add multiple scheduler (address and time)


We are operating a mobile food vendors system as we are adding businesses

Food vendors should be able to add their full schedule of : location (s) with date and time ( recurring or not)

.would this be possible through Gravityform?

Hi Sami,

You can use Gravity Forms to create a form to accept the food vendors’ information. You will also need our Gravity Forms addon, GP Nested Forms Perk, to allow the food vendors to enter multiple locations with the date, time, and other necessary information you want to collect for each location.

The idea here is that the main or parent form will be used to collect the vendors’ general information, whiles the child or nested form will be used to collect the information for each location all in one submission.

Check out our documentation on GP Nested Forms Perk for more information, or contact us via our presales form if you have more questions.


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