Allow user to add list items to a form

I’ve got a group of 3 fields:

  1. Wine name
  2. 1-5 rating

Our customers will be using this form to keep notes during a wine tasting.

I’d like it if they could take notes of the specific wines they liked/enjoyed rather than having to fill out their feelings on each and every wine. As a result, I’d like users to be presented with one single page, and be given the option to ‘add another wine’ to their tasting notes.

Pressing that button would just duplicate the page section of the form and allow the user to fill in copies of the same fields as many times as they want

Is there a way for a user to be able to do this?

I hope I’ve been clear here!

This sounds like a scenario for the Nested Forms add-on from the team at Gravity Wiz:

Yep, this is a perfect fit for Nested Forms! Here’s a rough example of what a form like this could look like:

And this is what it looks like when adding a new wine rating:


You have, Gravity Flow’s Parent/Child extension would be an excellent option to consider. If your existing form has the customer register, there are a couple different ways you could configure the user experience:

  • In the notification email (scheduled to delay until the day or time of the tasting) include a link to submit as many child entries as they want on a separate form/page. The link with merge tag in your notification would be akin to{entry_id}

  • Use an Approval Step where the child form sidebar box would let them add as many tasting/reviews as they like. Then the approval can be ‘I’m done with my tastings’. Follow it up with a User Input step that you might ask them to pick their overall favourite or other overall details about the tasting experience.

Either would then give you granular details that you could have additional steps in workflows such as time limited discount code for their favourite wines or drip notifications about the brand or tasting schedule perhaps.


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