Add new headquarters [RESOLVED]

Hi guys.
I need to give the chance to user to add as many as he need headquarters on my module.
If the user push a “+” or a button “ADD” he can compile new headequarter informations.

For example:

  • Company name
  • headquarter 01 address
    – ADD more headquartes (+)
    -----headquarter 02

is it possible?

thank you!

Out of the box, the only way to do something similar to that would be to use the List field with multiple columns enabled: List - Gravity Forms Documentation

If that doesn’t fit your needs, there are two possible alternatives:

A) If you have enough coding skills and you’re fine with using a feature that is still in beta, you could use the repeater field type, more details can be found here: Repeater (beta) - Gravity Forms Documentation
Due to its beta stage, we don’t recommend this currently for production use, unless you’re an experienced coder and you’re ok with using a beta feature, also note that they have some limitations: Repeater (beta) - Gravity Forms Documentation

So if you decide to go this route, please keep the above in mind.

B) If you’re not an experienced coder or using something in beta, therefore not fully tested yet and subject to changes without prior notice, is not an option for you. The following third-party add-on from one of our certified developers could help Gravity Forms Nested Forms | Gravity Forms Repeater Add-on by Gravity Wiz
This would be the recommended choice for now as it’s a stable product.

Feel free to ask any question about it to its author Have a question about Gravity Perks? - Gravity Wiz

thank you Samuel,
done with “List”!

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