Add more button [RESOLVED]

Hi, is it possible to set up a form so that the person filling out the form could add more fields?

For example, adding education, qualification, work experience details. If the person has multiple work experiences, then the person could click ‘add more’ to add more fields.

Similarly, when uploading files, an ‘add more’ button will allow the person to upload more documents.

Your help will be appreciated.

If the information for each “add more” section can fit on one line (in several columns across) you can use the List field:

If you need to collect more information than that, Gravity Forms has a Repeater functionality, which requires code to expose:

If you want a solution that does not require any code, you could use this:

Finally, if you only need to allow something like 4 possible ‘sections’, you could always add all the fields to the form, within section breaks, and use conditional logic to show another section when they click an “add more” button. This would not require any add-ons, but you would need to know the maximum number of sections you are going to allow, because they would all need to be added to the form when you build it, and each new section is only shown if they click an ‘add more’ button.

If you need any more information, please let us know.

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Many thanks Chris

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I also am looking to do this but I don’t see a “button” field where I’d be able to do this suggestion.

There is no button field. You can use a checkbox field and base the conditional logic on that. If you need assistance with your specific circumstance, I recommend opening a new topic or a support ticket with your details. Thank you.

Thank you @chrishajer, that worked. I was also able to take the checkbox field and style it to appear as a button for my specific needs.

Good deal. Thank you for the update.