All my notifications gets flagged as spam

All notifications for every form that I’ve created gets flagged as spam. I’m able to create a filter in my email client to not send certain emails with certain words to my spam folder but I would like to resolve any issues that might be causing this. Is there a setting in Gravity Forms to prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance for the help.

The notifications are being flagged as spam by the recipients email client or service (like Outlook or Gmail)? If that’s true, then something about your message looks like spam!

If that is the case, you can first test your notification by using this service:

If there are specific recommendations, you can follow those. Also, I recommend using one of our mailing add-ons to ensure that the sender reputation is not an issue:

Finally, all the mailing services has a list of best practices or tips for ensuring reliable email delivery. There’s a free guide here, for example:

Good luck!