AJAX error - blank page with rogue link (to a Russian news website)

I created a form with ‘AJAX enabled’. However, upon form submission my screen went blank except for an icon which contained a link to a Russian news website. I disabled AJAX and repeated submitted the form successfully. I re-enabled AJAX and the rogue link re-appeared.
At this point, I have no idea of the source of this rogue link, but the screen behavior appears to be originating with enabling AJAX loading of the form.
Needless to say, this behavior is troubling. I decided to bypass using a Gravity Form and instead built the form manually. Although not an ideal solution, if support for AJAX is not reliable, then I cannot use it.
Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

It sounds like your site was infected with some malware. I’ve never heard of that issue before. It’s not related to anything in Gravity Forms and AJAX processing. I recommend contacting your host for support or a company like Sucuri to get that checked and possibly cleaned up. Thank you.

Thanks, Chris. I will do so.


My hosting service ran a malware scan and found nothing.

I will continue to run some tests by disabling other plugins and possibly switching to another theme.

Will advise of results.

I appear to have isolated the behavior to the Gravity Perks Live Preview plugin, and I have reported the issue to their support team. That said, it does appear to be related to a form being AJAX-enabled, either ‘live’ or in preview directly from the GF form editor.

Thank you. It’s very curious.

Hi @user5fc25fe2c937c438
I am also facing a similar issue. Was your issue resolved?


No, my issue was never fully resolved. While I would have preferred to use Gravity Forms for this particular situation, I decided that it was easier (and safer) to bypass the feature which was triggering the error. I wrote a simple manual form to satisfy my requirement.
As I responded to GF Support, I had my provider run a malware scan which came back negative. So, at this point, I expect that the problem will probably happen again under the same circumstances.

In your case, were you seeing a link to a Russian news site? Or, something else?

thanks for the response!

My form is Multi-page form… I enabled AJAX so that I could send the data to Google analytics. so when I enabled it one of the features named ABN lookup stopped working. I wasn’t redirected to any other website but it’s not working. It might be an issue with the third-party plugin or related to gravity forms. Not sure.

Just to clarify, I wasn’t redirected to another website. Instead of displaying my form, the display window was cleared except for a small icon which, when clicked, triggered the Russian news website.
During analysis of my initial error, I selectively activated and deactivated all of my plugins. I confirmed that the error occurred only when one particular Gravity Perks plugin was active, but the GF Support team could not find anything which would cause this.

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