Trying to load AJAX spinner without AJAX – fails

I recently updated a client’s website from Gravity Forms version 2.6.9 to 2.7.4. However, I am now experiencing an issue where Gravity Forms tries to load the spinner animation regardless of whether AJAX submission is enabled for the form or not. In cases where AJAX is not enabled, the AJAX request to retrieve the animation fails and the image tag becomes non-functional. We have applied additional styles to the image tag, enclosing it in a square with borders. When the image fails to load, we are left with a blank white square. I now added additional CSS to hide the image tag if AJAX is not enabled.

I am unsure if this is a configuration issue on our end or if it is a bug introduced in Gravity Forms since version 2.7.0. We would prefer not to have the request for the spinner animation and the image element at all if AJAX submission is not enabled.

We don’t have any other reports of this issue, so it’s most likely not a bug. I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue, and include the URL where we can see your form online, and also include the system status report.

Export a form:

Copy the system status report:

Open a support ticket and include the URL:

Thank you.

I submitted a support ticket. Thank you for your answer.

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