Gform_ajax_spinner not showing on mobile [RESOLVED]


I have an ajax form and when submitted on desktop it shows the spinner under the submit button as expected. When submitted from the mobile site version, the spinner doesn’t show. I have confirmed we have no mobile-specific styling hiding the button. Has anyone else experienced this?

The link below is one example. You can see the spinner on desktop just from clicking the captcha and submitting. If you do the same with the window shrunk or in mobile dev tools you won’t see the spinner.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


Hi Adam. The form did not submit for me at all on mobile. I recommend clearing any cache and disabling caching, as that can interfere with the CAPTCHA, and then test on mobile. If the ajax spinner still does not appear, please check for theme and plugins conflicts on the site:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

I filled it out on mobile and submitted no problem, but still no spinner. Since it is just a css class gravity forms uses, what kind of conflict are you thinking would be happening? Do you think other plugins could be using that same class?

Also, I’ll try clearing cache now and see what I get. I thought I did, but maybe I hadn’t. I’ll report back on the cache.

I cleared all cache, including on our server and my iPhone and submitted again, but no spinner.

It was on us - our captcha style had overflow that was hiding the spinner. Thanks for the response, we’re all good. Adam