Ability to use Google Recaptcha V3 with Gravity Forms [RESOLVED]


Currently GF only works with the very old now form of Google Recaptcha which is not good for accessibility - I am blind myself and lots of our site users are vision impaired.

Google now has V3 of Recaptcha which normally requires no input from the visitor and returns a value between 0 and 1 depending on the likelihood of the visitor being a bot. Hence any integration needs to let the site admin set their tolerance level and decide what to do if doesn’t pass - reject, forward on to more traditional captcha etc.

You can learn about V3 of recaptcha he

There is a Google recaptcha plugin by BestWebSoft that has a free and premium version that works with all forms of Google Recaptcha including the invisible recaptcha and this latest V3 but they don’t currently support Gravity Forms protection. They do have instructions for adding any custom form to be protected but it would take the creation of a GF addon I think as you need some function code and an extra field to the form:

I am wondering if GF might be able to create an official addon to support this latest far more accessible version of recaptcha - not only would it help me out but it would help improve accessibility on thousands of sites that use GF if you could then encourage them to swap from the current recaptcha to this more friendly version.

Or if someone else can create a GF addon to make this third party plugin using V3 work with GF.




I stumbled across this post whilst doing some research for a plugin of our own. We have recently created an addon for Gravity Forms to use Google Captcha V3. Hopefully it can be of some help?



Thank you for posting that!

Is there any progress on this? I feel that it is odd that you guys have not released an official implementation of recaptcha v3 within GF. It’s been out for quite some time. Additionally, bots have gotten much smarter. Within the last few months we have seen a sharp increase in clients complaining of a lot of spam coming through the forms.

This is the type of thing that makes people look for alternative plugins, which is a shame, since GF is such a great plugin.


Thank you for your comments. I’ll add a vote for you.

Add another vote for me. This is becoming a glaring oversight in an otherwise great piece of software.

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Add a vote for me please! We have seen an increase in spam across our sites and believe that v3 would help with the issue.

Added +1 for you @user5c2d3424c22086.5


This really is such a basic, core feature and it is stunning and disappointing that Gravity Forms refuses to give it a high priority.

Also as a blind person this failure by Gravity Forms affects my use of the web on many websites that use Gravity Forms – the more seamless and less intrusive the captcha experience the better.

Gravity Forms says it is working hard on accessibility – well please implement V3 to improve accessibility on many sites – and at the same time put in an admin popup encouraging website owners to upgrade their captcha.



+1. No reason why recaptcha v3 shouldn’t be in Gravity Forms.

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I added another vote for @kynetics and I updated the existing request with your latest comments @dalereardon

Thank you.

The real question here:
Why are we still talking about v3 integration 15+ months after the initial post?
Is Gravity Forms still being supported? Is there some technical reason why this cannot be completed within a manday (with testing)?

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We’d like to see this developed as well. Any indication as to when it might be implemented?

Hi Greta. We do not have a timeline for that feature, but you can find it on our roadmap and add your comments there:


Completely unacceptable. Look at it from our standpoint - we are an agency with over 20 clients. Our clients have huge spam. We are spending hours on this, and no V3.

Now we are looking at moving to another plugin, transferring all forms to that plugin and happy to tell ANYONE that will listen, DO NOT USE GRAVITYFORMS!!!

We have been thinking this for so long and now we are about to switch over this one issue. So sad

Hi Bryan. I will submit your comments so they can be attached to the feature request. Thank you.

Made a request through the roadmap as well, but I need to use other forms for now on some sites where accessibility is a priority.

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Frankly, the delay on implementing this feature is both shocking and devastating. The Fox Agency plugin is no longer maintained and does not work with cached pages. I’m happy with Gravity Forms, but the lack of this major feature is a tremendous oversight.

After disabling the third-party plugin, spam begin trickling through once again and our automated systems are not equipped to detect spam in the same way reCAPTCHA is so our sales personnel are receiving bad prospects. It’s a disease for inbound marketing strategies.

Thanks for your comments Brian. Be sure you voice your interest for the feature here:


It would be great if you didn’t need to be logged in for the roadmap – then I can use a service such as FollowThatPage to monitor new items. At the moment there is no update system for the roadmap.



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