A GF error on backup I haven't seen

UPDATE: Duplicator Pro sent the client a release candidate update which appears to have taken care of the problem, so it’s likely NOT a GF issue. I’ll update and close this if all stays well with it

A client is suddenly having a problem backing up using Duplicator Pro. The error message they’re getting is:

[PHP ERR][ISSUE] MSG:An outdated add-on or custom code is attempting to access the 2934wp_rg_form table which is not valid in this version of Gravity Forms. Update your add-ons and custom code to prevent loss of form data. Further details: https://docs.gravityforms.com/database-storage-structure-reference/#changes-from-gravity-forms-2-2

Any thoughts about how to fix this and where to look? The GF doc referenced isn’t helping me.

Mad Dog

Hi Mad Dog. That is an issue with the backup or migration plugin you are using. It is referencing an old/deprecated table. The update from Duplicator Pro should resolve the issue. As you mentioned, it’s not a Gravity Forms issue. We cover it in the documentation here:

Let us know if anything occurs again after the Duplicator Pro RC. Thank you.