500 Response when submitting forms after migration

I’m getting a 500 error response when submitting forms after migration.
I backed up all my GF tables on production, migrated from staging to production and then reimported the GF tables.

I am getting the below in a WP Error response when submitting forms:
“An error prevented the entry for this form submission being saved. Please contact support.”

Using GF 2.4.21 on WP 5.5.3 (Both latest).
There is plenty of RAM and CPUs on the server so this would not be an issue. Everything was working fine this morning before the migration.

This is happening on a big client site that has a very important media campaign running at the moment.
Please help as soon as possible.


Hi Damien. I recommend opening a support ticket for the quickest response, if you have not already:

For any 500 Internal Server error, something will be logged. What shows up in the web server error logs?

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