403 Forbidden on home page only when Gravity Forms is enabled

We’ve disabled all security and ModSecurity on the server. We have defaulted the .htaccess file. We can’t find anything else that is causing this.

With the plugin disabled our Google bots can search the home page. With it enabled it causes the home page to return a 403 forbidden error which houses our main Appointment contact form. I’ve gone over the form and cannot find any issues with it.
The hosting company, after helping us for hours states that it has to be an issue with a plugin with faulty code and that they can’t help us further. I need assistance and direction please.

Hi Liberty. Whenever a 403 response is provided, that will be logged somewhere. If the server is doing it, it will be in a server log. If a plugin is doing it, the plugin should have the ability to view its own logs as well.

We don’t have a lot of reports of 403 Forbidden errors when using Gravity Forms. The reports we have received have been either a security module on the server or a plugin or service integrated with the website.

If the host has not been able to find anything, I recommend ensuring there are no services like Cloudflare involved and then checking for theme and plugin conflicts on the site using these steps:

Let us know what you find.

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