2.5.6 Conditional Logic is broken

To be clear it was also broken on previous version.
I create a blank site no themes or plugins and this keeps happening.
On Siteground, disabled all caching including their NGINX DIRECT DELIVERY setting.

Test site: Sample Page – My WordPress

I create a form and start adding some fields.
Add 1 radio field.
Make other fields conditional to that field.
It will work ok.
Then I start adding another radio field and make it conditional on the first field.
Seems ok so far.
Continue making some fields and make them conditional to the 2 radio fields.
Randomly only certain fields will just stop showing and remain “display:none”. It only happens to some fields but not consistent. I can recreate the same form and it will not behave the same way.

To recreate on test page:
Goto Sample Page – My WordPress
-Click “First Choice”
-Go to “test” radio fields that appear and click “first choice” on the “Test” field.
-2 more fields appear BUT there is a missing “Name” field that is still “display:none;” in the css. It is set in the conditionals to show exactly like the other fields.

I opened a support ticket over an hour ago but no response or confirmation message.

Me too. This is a big problem for me! Please fix ASAP!


Seems like the’ve been broken for at least a couple of releases now, tried a couple earlier version I had lying around but no luck. Reverted back to and everything seems to work now.

Same. How could they break this AGAIN?!?!??!

Support said it had to do with nested conditionals. But it seems odd that I can revert to 2.4 with the same exact form and it just works.
They claimed it was the order of the conditionals, but that doesn’t quite make sense since the order didn’t matter in 2.4.

Plus here is the kicker, if you check the demo I set up, it somehow is working now. I can’t even break it again. It makes NO sense. There were no caching plugins installed and I disabled the caching on the Siteground server. I can change the order of the conditionals and it still keeps working.

It’s almost like there was some kind of cache issue with the browser. Either way, something isn’t right because on the live site I originally had the issue with, I downgraded to 2.4 and it began working immediately with no issues.

For anyone having an issue with this, please open a support ticket:

These types of issues are difficult to resolve in the forums because everyone’s form setup is unique. Thank you.