Zapier Webhooks [RESOLVED]

I want to use GF for the quizzes in my LearnDash LMS then send the results to other avenues through Zapier. I got the webhook to work, but it doesn’t have the users name, email, or phone # as an option. Is there a way for GF to automatically populate the contact info for each user in the form submission without me having to make them fill out fields asking for email and phone #?

If the user is logged in, and the information you want about them is stored in their WordPress user profile, then you can use these merge tags as default values for fields to automatically populate the fields (and then also send to Zapier) with their information.

Thanks so much. Where do I put those merge tags? Create a question and just use them in the description?

Actually I figured it out. This is super helpful. Thanks so much!

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