Will deleting monthly donations delete the feed? [RESOLVED]

We have a donation form that has one-time and monthly donation options.

We regularly clean up the data by deleting entries after downloading.

We noticed that Authorize.net is updating the notes with reports of monthly recurring transactions for the Subscription ID associated with the entry.

If we delete the entry for the monthly donation, what happens to the feed? Will we still get the feed? Where does that information go?

We are building an automation and would like to update our internal system (Donor Perfect) when an automatic recurring billing transaction processes successfully.


If I’m understanding correctly. Have you considered creating a zapier account for this?

You could create a zap which automatically sends and stores the data in a google spreadsheet.

Then once you delete the entry, you will still have access to the data.

This would require the zapier add on.

If you delete the entry, Authorize.Net will not longer collect subscription payments. So, I would not recommend doing that. It does not delete the actual Authorize.Net feed though.

This information is incorrect. See below.

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By “the actual Authorize.Net feed” I believe you mean the feed we set up in the Authorize.Net settings, yes? I was asking about the feed as in the feed activity. I thought when GF sent the info to AN to process the subscription, it did so as a subscription and then didn’t need GF to actually process the monthly recurring payments, that the feed activity only updated the GF system notes.

If this is not the case and AN requires GF to process monthly recurring payments (as in each subsequent monthly recurring payment after the initial GF submission), then what happens when we move the website to another hosting service? Redesign the website? Or make any number of other changes that would require a reinstallation of GF?

I was told previously that deleting entries would not affect anything.

This is concerning.

Hello. I recommend contacting support for an official answer, to be sure I am not giving you incorrect information.

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Hello again. I was wrong in my response here. Deleting the entry will not prevent Authorize.Net from collecting subscription payments. There will be no way for Authorize.Net to update the status of the entry, but the subscription is still valid and running at Authorize.Net. Sorry for the misinformation earlier.

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Thank you for that clarification.

Sorry about that. I’m glad you have the correct answer now.