Can't process both one-time and subscription payment with Auth.Net add-on [RESOLVED]

I’m using Gravity Forms with the official Auth.Net add-on plugin. I have a form with both subscription options and an additional, optional one-time gift field.

The form is using 3 feeds, 2 Subscription Type payment feeds conditionally set to each subscription option, and one Products and Services feed conditionally set to process the one-time donation field - conditionally set to the checkbox to make it visible.

The one-time gift is not processing and the gform_authorizenet_post_capture hook does not fire when the one-time gift is chosen. Due to the form architecture there will be 2 feeds processed whenever the one-time gift is chosen.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation that prevented this from working, but the feed is not processing. I wanted to check on the forums before I opened a support ticket in case there’s something obvious I’m missing.

Only one feed per form submission will be processed by the Authorize.Net add-on. Does that explain what is going on? If not, I do recommend opening a support ticket for the issue to get further clarification:

I just saw that in the documentation. It does indeed explain what’s going on. Thanks!

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