Recurring Not Being Assigned on

I have submitted this to GF support ticket but they are not answering my last email from Thursday.

The site has a 2 step donation process. First page is the general info and the second page the payment.

There is an Amount field that donor will enter and below that is a set of radio buttons define two options. 1. One Time and 2. Monthly.

Both are catching the transaction but the one that has ‘Monthly’ selected is not showing via authorize .net admin transaction dashboard as ‘Recurring’.
Screenshot of Authorize .net transaction.

We keep thinking it’s one simple edit. All logic via Wordpress side of things shows to have been processed with no errors. We just cannot get the authorize .net to recognize the ‘Monthly’ option as recurring?

Here’s the donation page: soulchoiceministries (dot) org/give/

I am using the Authroize .net and EasyPassthrough add-one

Thank you…

I recently set up a very similar form. Assuming you have set up for subscriptions, do you have two feeds for the form? I have three, actually…one-time, monthly recurring, annual recurring and use conditionals so depending on which option they choose, the right feed is used. Is this how you have it set up?

Mad Dog

Thank you for responding:

I have two Authorize feeds. See screenshot:

Here’s the screenshot of the ‘Monthly’ feed

I assume this is what you meant?

Yes, that’s what I meant and it looks right to me.

In, is anyone listed under “Recurring Billing” in the lefthand navigation? That’s where you’ll find any subscriptions. What you’re looking at in the transaction may only appear when they are charged later for a subscription payment.


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Not sure. I will have to ask Shawn about it. Will get back to you later. Thank you.