WeChat Pay and AliPay for Chinese customers? [RESOLVED]

A little background: using Gravity Forms latest with Stripe (latest plugin and API) to handle payments from site. Stripe is configured to accept the usual suspects (Visa, MC, AMEX, etc) as well as AliPay and WeChat Pay for Chinese users. Using Stripe checkout form.

Upon submission, users have the option to enter card info or use Apple Pay (if on mobile device), but nothing regarding AliPay or WeChat Pay.

Either I’m missing something or GF doesn’t support these payment methods. Any suggestions / insights appreciated.

Hello @crucesignati. There is no configuration for this in the Stripe add-on. It’s handled in your Stripe account. According to the Stripe documentation, once you enable additional payment methods, Stripe handles automatically displaying them to the customers in the Checkout if the payment method is applicable to that customer. Stripe has overhauled Checkout recently and is still working on re-enabling support for most payment methods. Please contact Stripe if you find the payment method isn’t appearing when you believe it should. Thank you.

Thanks for clarifying, Chris. BTW, checked out the GF podcast recently. Nice work!

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