Stripe Bank payment method is not showing up

I am trying to setup Payment form with Stripe Checkout. I have bank payment method enabled in stripe and it is working on stripe payment links. But using gravity forms, stripe checkout page does not show bank payment method. (Apply pay / Link payment methods show)

I really need the bank option to work to be able to use GF. What can I be doing wrong to make this work.

Bank payment methods are not currently supported.

Support for additional payment methods is in development as part of the next major version of the add-on.

@richardw8k Thank you for the prompt reply.

I am using stripe beta version and Apple Pay is working. Is there a timeline for the bank payment method for Stripe Checkout?

Hi Muhammad. There is no timeline, but the Stripe 5.0 Add-On is currently being by the QA team. We want the release to be rock solid, so there is a lot of testing to be done before we release the 5.0 version. Hang in there and watch the blog and social media.

Thank you.

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