Webhook not retriggering

When I use the code below:

gf_webhooks()->maybe_process_feed($entry, $form);

I get the message that the feed is already processed but i would like to process it again.

2023-05-13 22:08:15.948326 - DEBUG → GF_Feed_Processor::task(): already processed feed (#10 - Webhooks Feed 1) for entry #8005 for gravityformswebhooks. Bailing.

You’ll need to delete the IDs of the previously processed feeds from the entry meta before feed processing is triggered again, e.g.

$processed_feeds = gform_get_meta( rgar( $entry, 'id' ), 'processed_feeds' );
if ( is_array( $processed_feeds ) ) {
    unset( $processed_feeds['gravityformswebhooks'] );
    gform_update_meta( rgar( $entry, 'id' ), 'processed_feeds', $processed_feeds );
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Thanks that solved my problem. Strang that it isn’t shown in the documentation