Resubmit webhooks

We are using a custom webhook to pass some registration info to some internal server.
Unfortunately, an error has been made on the target URL when the webhook has been initially build. This has been fixed.
So how can I resubmit the existing entries so they got pushed to our servers?

Hi Eric. There are no built in methods to do that. I would take a look at the Gravity Forms Utility from Gravity+:

That plugin gives the option to “process feeds on entry update.” You could update the entries you want feed reprocessed for, after installing and configuring that plugin, and the Webhooks feeds should be run on entry update as well. This could be a one time thing where you edited a bunch of entries to make a minor change and process the Webhooks feed again.

Thanks Chris, I will definitely try it.

Let us know how that works out or if you run into limitations.

Hi Chris,

This is a nice little utility set… Really handy.
I used the Bulk Action “Process Feeds” on the entries. Pretty cool, being able to choose which process to use.
And I like a lot the other additions it brings to Gravity Form. Extremely useful.
Thanks a lot for this.

Thanks for the update Eric. I’m glad that worked out for you (even better than what I initially suggested!)