Can we get an option to Re-trigger webhooks for entries?

In the main entries view, is it possible to add an action (or bulk action) to retrigger webhooks for those entries the same as when the form is submitted? This would be similar to Resend Notifications but instead trigger the webhooks configured for that form.

Hello. Take a look at the gform_after_update_entry hook, example 5 here:


If you are interested in a no-code approach to this (including bulk action to re-submit webhooks), I’d encourage you to check out Gravity Flow and it’s outgoing webhook step. The setup of the step in a workflow shares a lot of similarities to the webhooks feed, but with more flexibility including response mapping. I put together a quick demo to show you how to access the bulk restart workflow feature and part of the form/step setup process.


This free plugin allows BULK retriggering of Webhooks (Process feeds and select webhook name). I’m still struggling with automatic resubmit on edit for a single entry, but this is a workaround for me.

Gravity Forms Utility from GravityPlus