Troubleshooting Webhooks. Processing queue not processed? [Resolved]

I’m using the Webhooks Addon to send form data to another script. This has been working for a few months, then it stopped working.

I enabled logging and found out that Webhooks get added to the processing queue, but after that nothing happens.

2019-08-11 9:52:25.556063 - DEBUG --> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for feeds to process for entry #298 for gravityformswebhooks.
2019-08-11 9:52:25.556408 - DEBUG --> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Adding feed (#12 - Webhooks Feed 3) for entry #298 for gravityformswebhooks to the processing queue.

How can troubleshoot this?


I recommend opening a support ticket for this if you have not already. Thank you.

Turns out it was iThemes Security that somehow messed things up. I couldn’t find out what was wrong, but re-importing settings to iThemes Security fixed the issue.

Thank you for the update.