Viewing entries, date appears as full unix timestamp

We’re running the latest GF v2.6.1 with WP 5.9.2

When viewing the list of entries for a form, any column which is a date is displaying as the full UNIX Timestamp and not the more friendly mm/dd/yyyy as it was in the past.

This was just reported to me by one of our users. It’s rather odd.

Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere that somehow got messed up?
But this issue is appearing for multiple users, including myself.


Hi Jason. I have seen this reported a couple of times recently. I believe it’s a conflict with Gravity Flow. Are you using that on your site?

Indeed we are!

Has there been any resolution between the conflict?

Hi Jason,

We are aware of the issue and working to address it as quickly as possible. Please reach out to Gravity Flow Support or keep an eye on our release posts that will inform when the updated version is available from your account, or starting to roll out via automatic updates.