Following up on Entry Date Format in Zapier issue and resulting fix


I’m checking in regarding an issue that was previously closed, but the fix may have caused a new issue. The previous issue was regarding the Entry Date format in Zapier, and how it was not in a machine-readable format. The fix that was suggested, and seems to have been applied, was to remove the formatting of the date. Here is the link to the previous issue: [Entry Date Format in Zapier [RESOLVED]]

Now, however, the Entry Date seems to be coming through as UTC ignoring the time zone settings from WordPress. Reading through the change logs from previous updates, this was an issue before. It seems that one fix may be overriding another, etc.

Having had similar issues with this before, I thought that the way the code was working was that the WordPress settings regarding how a date and time is formatted were being used for the Entry Date. At least that is how I was able to resolve a previous iteration of my issues with the Entry Date in Zapier before. Now, however, the WordPress settings for Time Zone, Data and Time seem to be ignored with the ‘fix’ from the issue referenced above, for the Entry Date in Zapier.

For reference, I have:

  • One WordPress site that is on version 3.2 of the Gravity Forms Zapier plugin, which is recognizing the correct time zone when data is received in Zapier, and which is before the fix made in version 3.2.1 (per the referenced article).
  • One WordPress site that is on version 3.3 of the Gravity Forms Zapier plugin, which is not recognizing the correct time zone when data is received in Zapier.

It would be greatly appreciated if this can be properly figured out, and documented, so we don’t keep running into these two issues in circles.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Richard. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

So that we can get you the proper solution. Thank you.

Hi @chrishajer,

Thank you for your response. I have a way to handle the Entry Date through the Zapier Formatter functionality in Zapier.

I’m surprised that this change was not noticed by anyone else, since this has a very clear impact on the time zone. Luckily the Zapier Formatter for dates/times is able to adjust for time zone differences, as well as formatting of the date and time. As long as this does not change again I’ll be OK. But since the functionality for the Entry Date (time zone) was changed with version 3.2.1 I’m a bit concerned that this may happen again.

I was lucky that we are moving all of our forms to a new WordPress site and discovered this situation in time before it became an issue later on.

Thank you.

I’m glad you have a workaround. The Zapier Formatter is awesome and allows you to work around so many things. Thank you for the update.