Difference between local time and universal time

I am getting a date/time stamp on my gravity forms which I have being sent to Zapier, that is 7 hours off. My WordPress timezone on Settings/General has a difference of 7 hours between local and UTC time. I have changed my local time to the UTC (For Utah -7) and it is still showing a difference between local and UTC. I have changed the timezone on my PHP from the server side. I have put a code line in my PHP.ini file to show local time.

So the problem seems to be that my gravity form is grabbing the UTC time and not the local time.

Any suggestions?


Hi Brad. All Gravity Forms entries are stored in UTC. To transform that to your localtime, you can use the gform_zapier_field_value filter:

or you can use a “Formatter” step at Zapier:

The Zapier formatter step is available only with paid Zapier accounts. If you have a paid Zapier account, I would recommend this route. If you are comfortable with PHP or don’t have a paid Zapier account, then the gform_zapier_field_value filter is the way to do it.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks Chris. I figured that Gravity Forms defaults to UTC.
Since I’m not a coder, is it possible to send me the code to be placed in thetheme’s functions.php file. I’m comfortable in placing the code, just not writing it.

Thanks so much!


PS. Also I did try the “formatter” within Zapier, and I was able to see test results change the time, but not real results. So I’m thinking that changing it at the source in Gravity Forms would be my best bet. Thanks again for your help!

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