Pull Time and date into Zapier

Hi Amazing Community,
I can’t seem to pull the date right into Zapier. I would like to pull normal am/pm configuration vs military time followed by a date.

How would I do that?

Have you added gravity forms time field to your form?

Hi Gera. So long as you have a date field in the form, you can use the gform_zapier_field_value filter to translate that date to anything you like:

Example 4 shows manipulating a date field.

This is really helpful. How do you add AM/PM time values to this formula?

You can use any of the PHP date formats from here:


To get just the time, it would look like this:

// assuming the date is in field 11
$timestamp = strtotime ( $entry['11'] );
// h:i A would give you 12:42 PM for example
$value = date ( 'h:i A', $timestamp );
return $value;

What does your desired date/time string look like? Would it be something like

2020-07-29 12:45 PM

If so, this would do it:

$value = date ( 'Y-m-d h:i A', $timestamp );

Hi Chris,

Is it possible to translate the entry date? Zapier uses it to create a start time/date for a service request in Trello, but Zapier’s field formatter struggles with date/time, it seems. Our form doesn’t have a date field in it for this purpose (service request time).

Hi @Verifyi9 - take a look at example 3 here:

That can be used to replace a field’s default value with a value from the entry meta (like date_created)

So, you can add a hidden field to the form, give it a default value of date_created, then use that code (modified to use your field ID) to send the entry date.

If you need to modify the date format, once you have it, you can then apply the method above using PHP time/date functions to the $value. If you need more help with the actual code, let me know.

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