How can you trigger Zapier with only a partial entry? [RESOLVED]

I have been working on a google sheets integration. How do I get zapier to trigger on a partial entry?

Hi Gera. Please see example 2 on this page:

Thanks @chrishajer this seemed to work like a charm. I am close to figuring out all my issues. Any idea why the date time stamp would not go through?

The date/time is most likely being sent in the wrong format. Whatever you are sending is not in the format expected on the other end. If you need to change the format before it is sent to Zapier, you can use this filter:

This was super helpful I got the date working. I ran into another issue though. When I click 1 star and go to the next page and fill out some more info it adds 2 rows for the same review.

Hi Gera. I recommend opening a support ticket for that. I don’t think we can gather enough information here to help:

Hey Chris!
I was able to figure it out. The first code chunk was mega helpful.

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