Version 2.5-beta-2.4 some forms don't show in Oxygen Builder

Has anybody had any problems with integrating forms within Oxygen Builder by shortcode?
Some forms show up in Oxygen Builder, others don’t. All of them show up on the frontend though, just not in the Oxygen Builder.

Any experience or advice?

YES, I’m experimenting the same thing with Version 2.5-rc-2 and Oxygen 3.7.1. This is not looking nice because this is my first day using Gravity Forms!!
I hope a good solution will be found.

Fortunately it is an early release candidate and not the actual 2.5 version. Lol.

I would imagine this post will help Gravity Forms developers.

Hi Josephine. Please submit any feedback about the pre-release 2.5 version of Gravity Forms here, so we can get it right in front of the product team:

Thank you.