Verifying Addresses using either USPS, Google API, or Smarty Streets

I’ve built a form that uses the default Gravity Forms Address block. I would like to verify addresses upon submission and validate street address, city, state, and zip for accuracy. I have looked all over for a plugin or an add-on that would work with Gravity Forms to do this but nothing so far. I even tried custom functions but it did nothing. To be clear, I am not trying to do autocomplete but validate addresses for accuracy. We need valid addresses coming into our system. Would anyone possibly have a solution?

Hi Bomar,

How would you like to verify? If you wants to use 3rd party plugin then why not the autocomplete plugin? If you prefer to to manually verify then it’ll take lots of time. Please check the following URL and let me know if that works for you. Thank you

I don’t want to use Autocomplete because that does not validate that the address is real. It simply suggests an address for the user to fill in. I need something that validates with USPS or Smarty Streets so I know incoming addresses are real and validated as accurate. This way our shipping processes don’t get messed up.

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