Address Field Validation falls inside boundaries [RESOLVED]

Is it possible to setup validation on an address field to check if address falls inside specific boundaries? I’ve been researching using Google Geocode API, but not sure how to integrate with Gravity Forms for validation.

The only close thing I found was to validate the zip code to accepted zip codes. But that won’t be exact enough for delivery address restrictions.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

You can certainly use the Google Geocode API (or anyone’s API) with the gform_field_validation filter. Setting that up is outside the scope of Gravity Forms support.

I’ll leave the topic open in case someone has done this and would like to share their approach.

Thanks Chris.
I ended up just using the basic field validation for City, State, and Zip. Using this tool to define the zip codes inside my boundaries.

My boundary was small enough, to only have 5 zip codes.