The autocomplete doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I have a problem on my forms, the option “Enable autocompletion” does not work on my address fields :

Do you have a solution to help me get autocomplete to work properly on my form? Here is the link to the page Le coin des Professionnel·le·s - Contact - J'aime mes dents and the way to follow if you want to try (gforms-autocomplete2 — ImgBB).

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G’day Brendan,

It looks good to me – except for postal code which seems to be missing its autocomplete attribute. 1Password happily filled in the address field from an identity. What have you tested it with?

For the reference I tend to use Mozilla Dev Network, EnglishFrench.

Hi Ross,

Can you make me a screenshot if you have the autocompletion on this page Le coin des Professionnel·le·s - Contact - J'aime mes dents, at step 2 and having followed the path “No” > “Receive information, your rates and your professional T&C” > “Project”? Because with me it doesn’t work at all, I don’t get any address suggestion when I start writing, either on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

What is “1Password”?

Thank you for your answer and your help!
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My “success” may be misleading, it seems that 1Password will autofill an Address field in Gravity Forms without the autocomplete attributes.

1Password is a password manager, which can also manage a variety of other pieces of structured information such as identities.

Okay, thank you very much for this clarifications! Could you tell me how I can make the autocomplete directly on the form (it will be easier and more pleasant for the users).

In my opinion I must have the possibility via a Google Places API, but I still need to have a field somewhere to enter it. Strange that Gravity Form doesn’t offer this option.

Ah, that’s not what the autocomplete attributes do. They only help with form autofill from information the browser already knows about you, e.g. your own address, name, phone number, email address, passwords, etc.

For autocompleting address details from Google Maps, you will need to install an add-on. You’ll find several on this search link:

Thank you so much for the information Ross, I’ll look into it.

Have a great day to you, and especially happy holidays! :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis. Gravity Wiz has an awesome Perk for this:

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