Make my logged in user default value in an email field override Google/Gmail's auto-populate [RESOLVED]

I have noticed that several of my users have recently filled in a Gmail address in a registration form even though I’ve set the default value for the email field with {user:user_email} and the email in their user account is under a custom business domain.

I am using their email to look up their customer record, so when there is a mismatch, it creates a failed registration and frustration on all sides.

I once had a customer tell me that his browser somehow automatically pre-populates the Gmail address for whatever account he’s currently logged into in all of the forms he fills out.

Does anyone know what feature or browser extension makes this happen? And, however it happens, is there a way to block Gmail/Google/Chrome from pre-populating fields in Gravity Forms on my website?

Any help in troubleshooting this is much appreciated.

Hi Heather. How about this solution from Gravity Wiz to disable autocomplete?

Yes, that solution seems to have worked perfectly.

A couple of my users who have had mismatch issues have confirmed that they no longer see a random Gmail address in the field and are now seeing the email they set up for their account as the pre-populated content.

I’m also considering setting the email field to hidden so it will be impossible for people to change their email. In my setup, users can’t see the form unless they are logged in, so there should always be content in the {user:user_email} variable for anyone using the form in question. So, that’s another option others might want to consider to address this kind of issue.

Thanks for the tip!

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