Using Mathematic Calculations to Set Value

I am looking for a way to use conditional logic to set values. Specifically, I need to set a multiple choice/radio button field based on a calculation of two numbers fields. If Number Field 1 is less than Number Field 2, then the multiple choice/radio button field should be set to “No.” Otherwise, the multiple choice/radio button field should be set to “Yes.” How can I use the number calculations to set the value of the radio button/multiple choice field?

Do you have the survey or quiz add ons? Both can do that easily.

Thanks for the input, Jonathan. Do you happen to have a link to any documentation on the plugins that you mentioned? I looked at both, and both seem to be designed for an entirely different use case. I didn’t see anything there that seemed to be on point, but it is quite possible that I’m missing something.

Let me see if I can find an example. I use them in a different way than they are marketed. Basically each answer let’s you assign a score and use conditional logic based on that score. I’ll find one and post the link.