Multi Conditional in a single field

right now if you want to make different kind of calculation based on some conditional logic you have to duplicate the calculation field and change the parameter to do stuff based on other field.
What i would like to do is a simple calculation field with several case scenario.
Case 1 do stuff,
case 2 do stuff,
case 3 do stuff
and so on

This could be even useful to show images based on a dropdown for example. Now you have to create several html field with the embedded image and everyone with a conditional logic. In that way you will have a single field who does stuff based on case scenario.

I’ll add that to the list of requested features. Thank you for the suggestion.

thank you. I think this would apply to the same request:
An Advanced Conditional Logic
Would be great to have an advanced conditional logic feature.
Imagine the need to show an item (a field) for the conditional logic A OR the conditional logic B.
Today you need to make a copy to the field with the conditional logic A and a copy for a conditional logic B.
Could be great to have just one field with an advanced conditional logic.

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