User submission creates a link

I have users creating a profile for gravity view that people can see. I have one section where they can put down thier social media handle so other poeple and can connect with them.

  1. I would like for that facebook link in the gravity view when users add it in to be a clickable link.
  2. If I can not do #1 then at least want them to be able to copy and paste… at the moment it says “copying is not allowed.”

You can see it here. where it says contact information. facebook link not linkable and you can’t copy and paste it. I would like to make it linkable and copy and pasteable.

Thanks for you help

Hi Tyson,

You can do that with a Custom Content field and the Merge Tag of that field. Here’s an example: Adding a link to a column - GravityKit Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

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