User Registration Add-On v4.1 Released

4.1 | 2019-05-15

  • Added “gform_userregistration_associate_entry_with_user” filter to add change if newly created user should be set as entry creator.
  • Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 2.2.6.
  • Updated feed settings to display Set Post Author setting when form has Advanced Post Creation feeds.
  • Updated Login widget to set logout redirect to current page when logout redirect URL setting is left empty.
  • Fixed entry not being associated to newly created user when submitter is not logged in.
  • Fixed an issue with pending activation for duplicate emails.
  • Fixed PHP notice after Gravity Form 2.4.7 adding tab capabilities check.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the personal data retention policy from deleting entries.
  • Fixed an issue that the consent fiel

d didn’t reflect user metadata correctly.

  • Fixed an issue populating checkbox fields from BuddyPress checkboxes types fields when processing the update type feed on form display.
  • Fixed issues processing multi-select fields when mapped to BuddyPress multi select box fields during submission for both feed types and on form display for the update type feed.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.3 warning when the update type feed is populating the form and it contains a file upload field.