User go back to an empty form after submiting it

Hi there,

I have an issue on my Gravity form. It is used on my website to get information from customers who want to subscribe to my service, they can add texts, and upload images.

Approximately 1 out of 5 customers is redirected back to the form page, empty of all the information he has added, after submitting (and they are pretty frustrated, after sending long time filling all the info requested).

I haven’t experienced the issue myself, but many customers have in the past.

As I can’t reproduce the bug, it’s hard for me to look for a solution, and I’m thinking about switching to another solution like Typeform.

Does anyone experience this issue, or would know what could be the reason for that ?


That can happen when you use a single upload field in your form and the user tries to upload a file that exceeds the server allowed size for the POST request (the request sent to submit the form data, including the file). In that case the server just drops the request and therefore no data is received, causing the blank form and no errors shown.

To avoid that, add a new upload field to the form and enable the multi-file upload setting, you can also limit the uploads allowed to 1, just like shown in the following screenshot: Screenshot c1tT0DSF8y.png - Droplr

That will use a different approach for the uploads, more server friendly, uploading files before submitting the form, and this way bypassing server limitations on form submission.

If you need to keep files uploaded to previous entries with the current single upload field, don’t delete the field (or you will also delete the files), set the visibility for it to Administrative in the Advanced tab of the field settings.​​

Thanks Samuel ! That’s really helpful, I’m going to try that.

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