Use form submission data to generate calendar invite?

Our client uses Gravity Forms and when a User completes a form (which includes Date and Time) the Client wants their representative to be sent a notitification either as an Outlook/.ics calendar invite, or with an calendar invite as an email attachment.

Can Gravity Forms do this? Or is there a Gravity Forms integration that will do this?

Or will this require custom development?

Any help is appreciated!

It is possible to send a calendar invitation to the user and/or client representative upon completing a Gravity Form that includes date and time information. Several integrations can help you achieve this, such as Zapier and Gravity Forms Calendar.

With Zapier, you can connect Gravity Forms with your email client (such as Outlook) and set up a zap to automatically send a calendar invitation to the client representative whenever a new form submission is received.

Alternatively, you can use Gravity Forms Calendar to display and manage dates submitted through your forms and configure it to send calendar invitations to the client representative when a new form submission is received.

For those with programming knowledge and experience with the Gravity Forms API, creating a custom solution to send calendar invitations is possible upon completing a Gravity Form.

Hi Faisal, would you please explain or provide further detail, on how to achieve the first option? We connected gravity forms and Outlook through Zappier, but when a new submission is made in gravity forms, I saw we can only create a new event in Outlook. How can we achieve that we can invite attendees to an existing event (sending them the calendar invite)?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi Uroš,

To achieve sending calendar invites to attendees for an existing event in Outlook when a new submission is made in Gravity Forms, you can use Zapier’s Multi-Step Zaps and Microsoft Graph APIs. Here are some more details to help you get started:

  1. Create a Zap in Zapier that triggers when a new submission is received in Gravity Forms.

  2. Add a “Code by Zapier” action step to your Zap. In the “Input Data” section of the Code step, map the relevant data from the Gravity Forms submission (e.g., event title, start time, end time, attendees’ email addresses, etc.) to variables you will use in the code.

  3. In the “Code” section of the Code step, use the Microsoft Graph API to authenticate your Zap with your Outlook account and then use the API to find the existing event in your Outlook calendar that you want to invite attendees to. You can use the Microsoft Graph API’s “List events” endpoint to search for the event using its ID or other details.

  4. Once you have identified the existing event, you can use the Microsoft Graph API’s “Create event” endpoint to add attendees and send them a calendar invitation. In the “Input Data” section of the “Create event” step, map the variables that you created in step 2 to the relevant fields (e.g., “subject”, “start”, “end”, “attendees”, etc.).

  5. Save and test your Zap. When a new submission is received in Gravity Forms, Zapier will execute the Code step to authenticate with your Outlook account, find the existing event, and add the attendees and send the calendar invitation.

Note that this approach requires programming skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Graph API.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can do to assist you.

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