Unwanted load of PLUpload Moxie Recaptcha scripts on page without Gravity Forms

Hello Gravity Forms community !

On my website, I have a single “Quotation/Contact” page where customers can order translations providing multiple files upload thanks to the field “Send file” with “Activate sending multiple files” box checked in the field options, and a maximum set to 20 files for 64Mo.

I am encountering a problem where some scripts related to the multiple files upload are called everywhere else on my website while loading it for the first time, causing a lack of performances and a reduced score (on homepage mainly when people arrive on it).

The files are the following ones :

  • wp-includes/js/plupload/moxie.min.js?ver=1.3.5
  • wp-includes/js/plupload/plupload.min.js?ver=2.1.9

And another file related to the form : the recaptcha__fr.js from Google gstatic domain

I’d like to know if you have any clue on solving this problem and if there is a way to limit the call of those files on pages where it is actually required by a form.

Hope to read you soon,

I recommend opening a support ticket, and including the URL to the page on your site where we can see the issue, and also your system status report.

Open a support ticket:

Include the system status report:

Thank you.

Hello Chris and thank you for your reply.
I can’t open a technical ticket as I am not the license owner (this is the website owner).
I am only the website administrator/tech guy.
This is the reason why I post it here.

As requested, I include the system status report where you’ll find site URL too :

Gravity Forms

Version: 2.6.4 :heavy_check_mark:
Upload folder: /var/www/vhosts/alpis.fr/httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/
Upload folder permissions: Writable :heavy_check_mark:
Output CSS: Yes
Output HTML5: Yes
No-Conflict Mode: Yes
Currency: EUR
Background updates: No
Registration: Site not registered ✘


Database Version: 2.6.4 :heavy_check_mark: Your database is up-to-date.
WsLeHotYg_gf_form_view: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_form_meta: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_form: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_form_revisions: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_entry: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_entry_meta: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_entry_notes: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_draft_submissions: :heavy_check_mark:
WsLeHotYg_gf_addon_feed: :heavy_check_mark:


Site Locale: fr_FR
User (ID: 2) Locale: fr_FR
Gravity Forms: de_DE, en_GB, es_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, pt_PT


Home/Site URL: https://www.alpis.fr
REST API Base URL: https://www.alpis.fr/wp-json/
WordPress Version: 6.0.1 :heavy_check_mark:
WordPress Multisite: No
WordPress Memory Limit: 128M
WordPress Debug Mode: No
WordPress Debug Log: No
WordPress Script Debug Mode: No
WordPress Cron: No
WordPress Alternate Cron: No
Background tasks: Yes :heavy_check_mark:

Active Theme

UDesign Child: par Andon - 1.0 :heavy_check_mark:
UDesign (Parent): par Andon - 4.2.0 :heavy_check_mark:

Active Plugins

Borlabs Cookie - Cookie Opt-in: par Borlabs GmbH - 2.2.54 :heavy_check_mark:
Cloudflare: par Cloudflare, Inc. - 4.11.0 :heavy_check_mark:
CRM Perks Geolocation: par CRM Perks, Inc. - 1.5 :heavy_check_mark:
CRM Perks Marketing Data: par CRM Perks, Inc. - 1.7 :heavy_check_mark:
Disable & Remove Google Fonts: par Fonts Plugin - 1.4.0 :heavy_check_mark:
Easy WP SMTP: par wpecommerce, alexanderfoxc - 1.4.7 :heavy_check_mark:
Elementor: par Elementor - 3.6.8 :heavy_check_mark:
Elementor Pro: par Elementor - 3.7.3 :heavy_check_mark:
Essential Addons for Elementor: par WPDeveloper - 5.1.9 :heavy_check_mark:
Google Apps Login Premium: par Lever Technology LLC - 3.4.2 :heavy_check_mark:
Google Profile Avatars: par Lever Technology LLC - 1.5 :heavy_check_mark:
Gravity Forms Event Tracking: par Ronald Huereca - 2.4.11 :heavy_check_mark:
Gravity Forms Multilingual: par OnTheGoSystems - 1.6.3 :heavy_check_mark:
GTM4WP: par Thomas Geiger - 1.16.1 :heavy_check_mark:
Header and Footer Scripts: par Digital Liberation - 2.2.1 :heavy_check_mark:
Kirki Customizer Framework: par David Vongries - 4.0.24 :heavy_check_mark:
Members: par MemberPress - 3.2.1 :heavy_check_mark:
Meta Box: par MetaBox - 5.6.5 :heavy_check_mark:
Simple Custom CSS and JS: par SilkyPress - 3.40 :heavy_check_mark:
UDesign Core: par AndonDesign - 4.2.0 :heavy_check_mark:
WP Gravity Forms Zendesk Pro: par CRM Perks. - 1.1.1 :heavy_check_mark:
WPML Media: par OnTheGoSystems - 2.7.0 :heavy_check_mark:
WPML Multilingual CMS: par OnTheGoSystems - 4.5.8 :heavy_check_mark:
WPML SEO: par OnTheGoSystems - 2.0.1 :heavy_check_mark:
WPML String Translation: par OnTheGoSystems - 3.2.1 :heavy_check_mark:
WP Store Locator: par Tijmen Smit - 2.2.235 :heavy_check_mark:
WP Word Count: par RedLettuce Plugins - 3.2.3 :heavy_check_mark:
Yoast SEO: par Team Yoast - 19.4 :heavy_check_mark:
Yoast SEO Premium: par Team Yoast - 19.0.1 :heavy_check_mark:

Web Server

Software: Apache
Port: 443
Document Root: /var/www/vhosts/alpis.fr/httpdocs


Version: 7.4.30 :heavy_check_mark:
Memory Limit: 256M
Maximum Execution Time: 600
Maximum File Upload Size: 64M
Maximum File Uploads: 20
Maximum Post Size: 256M
Maximum Input Variables: 2000
cURL Enabled: Yes (version 7.68.0)
OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1f 31 Mar 2020 (269488239)
Mcrypt Enabled: Yes
Mbstring Enabled: Yes
Loaded Extensions: Core, date, libxml, openssl, pcre, zlib, bz2, calendar, ctype, hash, filter, ftp, gettext, gmp, SPL, iconv, Reflection, session, standard, SimpleXML, sockets, mbstring, tokenizer, xml, cgi-fcgi, mysqlnd, apcu, bcmath, curl, dba, dom, enchant, fileinfo, gd, imagick, imap, intl, json, ldap, exif, mcrypt, mysqli, odbc, PDO, pdo_mysql, PDO_ODBC, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, Phar, posix, pspell, redis, soap, sodium, sqlite3, sysvmsg, sysvsem, sysvshm, tidy, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, zip, ionCube Loader, Zend OPcache

Database Server

Database Management System: MariaDB
Version: 10.3.34 :heavy_check_mark:
Database Character Set: utf8
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci

Date and Time

WordPress (Local) Timezone: UTC+1
MySQL (UTC): 2022-08-02 13:38:38
MySQL (Local): 02/08/2022 à 2:38
PHP (UTC): 2022-08-02 13:38:38
PHP (Local): 02/08/2022 à 2:38

Have a nice day.

As I can’t post more that 2 URLs per post, I removed the theme which you can find below :

Active Theme

UDesign Child: par Andon (AndonDesign - Portfolio | ThemeForest) - 1.0 :heavy_check_mark:
UDesign (Parent): par Andon (AndonDesign - Portfolio | ThemeForest) - 4.2.0 :heavy_check_mark:

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