Unique key code field

Is there a way to have Just one field that takes a key code. A user logs in. Inputs a unique key they were given then it unlocks stuff. The unlocking is fairly straight forward with after form submit hook.

I am curious how I might make the first part work. Checking to see if the unique code is valid or returning an error. I assume it would have to check a unique table in my database.

You can use the gform_field_validation filter for that:

Hey Chris!

Yes. After sending the email I found that. Honestly you guys thought of everything!!

Question: how scaleable is it? I have some thoughts on how I want to do. We also have a dedicated server it’s sitting on. The whole server. Should be enough power.

That’s so much. Gravity Forms is our workhorse.


I’m sure it’s enough power. It depends on how efficient your code is that connects to the database, but in general that should be pretty speedy.