Are field IDs unique to the entire Gravity Form installation?

I’ve been asking Miss Google and scratching my head. Are field IDs in GF unique to the entire GF plugin or only unique to the specific form?

Cos I’m actually been seeing similar field IDs in some of my forms and yet I’m reading tutorials that actually treat field IDs as if they are ENTIRELY unique, such as → Using the [gvlogic] shortcode - GravityKit Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

Field IDs are only unique in a form. If you create a form, the first field on the form will have ID 1. If you create another form, the first field on the form gets an ID 1. The form ID is unique for a site, and the entry ID is unique across all Gravity Forms forms on the website. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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