I am in need of a gravity forms developer to do some custom validation coding…

I need code where I can have gravity forms look at a field and check if that specific entry already exists in my current database then return a message saying it exists along with what company it exists to. I would also like to the code written that if I needed to use it on a another form I could change the form id and the field ids.

There are 5 text fields in my form, which I am using to collect zip codes. I want after a person submits the form to receive a notification letting me know whether any of the five zip codes they entered already exists in my database and whom they are associated with.

So the code will check the database to see if the numerical value exists and inform me whether the zip code is in the system or not. It will also let the user fill out the form without any issues whether or not the field already exists.

Hey Joe,

This is a simple task. Please message me at gennady[at]kovshenin[dot]com and I’ll get this sorted asap.

Hi Joe,
I can surely assist you: anna(dot)cis23(at)gmail(dot)com
Anna J

Thank you Gennady however I was able to get someone to help me with this. I will be sure to reach out to you should I need any further help!

Thank you Anna however I was able to get someone to help me with this. I appreciate you following up.

Ok Joe, Thank you for your reply , let me know if any work comes up in which we could work together, I would be happy to assist you.

Please keep me in your record :slight_smile: