Unable to select responses in the likert scale using Survey Add-on [RESOLVED]

Hey there I am having an issue implementing the Survey add-on to be used for a self assessment. I built out the form and it works great in preview but it seems my theme or another plugin seems to be conflicting with the ability to select the options in the likert scale.

I’m using the latest version of Elementor and the Hello theme.

un: firstuptest
pass: 26d15252

I dug threw the css and can’t seem to locate the issue. There is a hover state highlight on the table from the hello theme but even when I disable that whole stylesheet it does not resolve the issue.

Would love any insight into resolving the conflict. Thanks!

I tried a couple other themes and the issue persists, the table fields are disabled somehow and selecting them is not possible.

I see that you had a support ticket for this issue so I will close this for now.

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