Two Products, One Regular, One Recurring Payment

We have a form that has 3 regular product packages. All 3 are product buttons that have a cost attached to them. They are one time payments.

However, further down the form, almost towards the end, we have an option to select a sorta Yes or No option for the user to select a Registered Agent.

This portion is also included in the checkout process, but needs to become a reoccurring payment 1 year from time the user checks out.

Is it possible to do this and if so what’s the best way to approach this?

Thank you in advance.

If you are using the Stripe add-on, you could charge the product as a Set-up Fee, and then set up the subscription for the recurring payment for registered agent. Would that work for you? That would only be available if you are not using the Trial feature of the Stripe add-on.

Thanks Chris, I’m going to test that out and see how it comes out

Appreciate the assistance again.