Trying to figure out which to use - Pro or Elite?

I am looking for a forms solution that will send the user to the payment site, ie Stripe or Paypal. We do NOT want the actual credit card information collected on our website. Which is the version I’ll need for that. I see that Stripe is included in the Elite level, but is that only to use on our site? i thought I saw something that said the Pro level would send the user to Stripe or Paypal, but now I can’t find that. Thanks, Marcy

You would need the Elite license, and would then need to use Stripe and the Stripe credit card field (Stripe Elements) or the Stripe Payment Form. See the documentation here for setting up the Stripe form which covers the various options:

The Stripe add-on is available only with an Elite license. I recommend reviewing our refund policy here, then purchasing an Elite license to see what is possible: