Translation error message by Editor

Gravity Form is allow editor to change field label easily but not the error message. We would have a place to change all the error message like Contact Form 7. Could someone advise how to do it not touch any code as Gravity Form guide?


Hello. What is the text of the error message currently? Some messages can be changed only via code (with a filter.)

Or, you can use a plugin like this one outside of Gravity Forms in order to change some strings without doing a full translation:

Hi @chrishajer,

Thank you for your advise. I will try that. The error message that I want to change is “This field is required.”. Actually I can change it one by one in each fields but my current form has more than 15 fields. If there is a global place to change it, it would save a lot of time.

You can do that with the Say What? plugin. Here is my configuration once I installed and activated that plugin for this string replacement:

Try it here: [SITE REMOVED]

Submit that form with no fields filled out and you will see the new ‘required’ field error message.