How to add several forms in several languages?

Hi !!!

On my website i’ve got one form in English
One form in Spanish
And one form in French

What is the procedure to associate a different language for each form?

Is it possible with a shortcode ?
Examples :
[gravityform id=“1” lang=“en”]
[gravityform id=“2” lang=“es”]
[gravityform id=“3” lang=“fr”]

Currently the input error messages are in English for all my forms.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gaël. If you have translated each form individually, it looks like most of the work is done. Check the Appearance tab for your fields. You will find a field “Custom Validation Message”. That is where you can set the string to return a message other than “This field is required.” It looks like this: firefox 7QWkRIuDAZ.png - Droplr

Let us know if there are other strings you want to translate. Thank you.

Thank’s !!

It’s working for the indivual message of the field

But there is still an english message on top : " THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR SUBMISSION. PLEASE REVIEW THE FIELDS BELOW."

After several tests, the “Custom Validation Message” solution field by field is not ideal.

For example for the e-mail field of the French form (this field is mandatory)

If I opt for a “Custom Validation Message”: I get one and the same error message whether the user forgot to fill in the box or if he entered a wrong e-mail format.

Examples :slight_smile:



I use the Mollie plugin for Gravity and it’s the same, I can’t customize each error field.

Is there an option to assign a language to each form and get all error messages in the ideal language?

To use multiple languages on the site, you can use something like WPML:

For the top of the form validation error message, that can be changed with the gform_validation_message filter:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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