Advanced Fields: Name & Email (multi-language)

Name and Email advanced field labels are not translated by Gravity Forms Multilingual in the following languages: Bulgarian(bg), Chinese traditional(zh-hant), Czech(cs), Filipino(fp), Greek(el), Korean(ko), Lithuanian(lt), Mongolian(mn), Persian(fa), Romanian(ro), Slovakia(sk), Slovenian(sl), Thai(th).
Also, WPML doesn’t see these labels.
How can I do the translation?

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in support for WPML, that’s provided by Gravity Forms Multilingual, which is developed, sold and supported by WPML authors, so you will want to contact WPML support about this: English Support - WPML

Thanks! In the meantime, is there a filter that I would allow me to do the translation myself before displaying the form?

There’s no multi language support in Gravity Forms core, so there’s no filter for this.

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